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Businessman killed student Eloise Parry, 21, with Russian Roulette diet pills laced with WW1 chemicals and faces jail for online trade that brought him millions in landmark case

"There is uncertainty whether a particular dose will give the desired effects, or in fact produce life threatening and fatal effects,' he told the court. A jury was told Eloise had become 'psychologically addicted' to DNP "I think that is where the phrase comes from.' "DNP causes some degree of weight reduction and loss of fat, but that is at the expense or risk to the cells of the body and the organs. "The dose required to produce these more severe symptoms is relatively low and not much higher than the dosage required to secure weight loss. Rebelo insisted he had never intended the pills for human consumption. "I did not expect anyone who bought it to eat it. It has numerous uses like pesticides, fertiliser and paint dye,' he said. "Nowhere was it indicated that it was a weight loss pill or a diet pill. "We sold different capsules for fertilisers, for plants in the garden, rat poison, glitter bombs, hair and beauty capsules and fake blood in capsules. "Customers brought DNP capsules that could dye flowers in http://casinobingomsw.eblogmall.com flower arrangements. "I sold it in capsules because it was the most professional way to sell and http://gopokerrbany.crimetalk.net send it.

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